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About Ukraine

Economic instability is a widespread problem in Ukraine. Villages and rural areas are the most affected, and many areas lack infrastructure and steady jobs. In the cities, prices are inflated, salaries are low, and corruption is common. Ukrainians face several ongoing challenges including polluted air and water, wide-scale deforestation, and inadequate supplies of potable water. A lack of electricity, heat, running water, and proper sanitation is a daily reality for many. Ukraine continues to be heavily impacted by conflict with Russia.

Life in Ukraine

Ukraine economy is largely agricultural and industrial. About one out of four people work in agriculture or forestry. Sugar, wheat, and processed foods are the main exports, along with precious metals and fuel. Some serious national issues are inadequate supplies of potable water; air and water pollution; and deforestation. Radiation contamination from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the northeast remains dangerous. Although the unemployment rate is only 8.8% , 35% of the country lives in poverty. Children suffer from chronic health problems, which affects their self esteem and schooling. Parents will often go abroad for jobs in a desperate attempt to create a better life, yet the children remain behind alone and vulnerable.


Schooling is very important in Ukraine and it is mandatory for students to attend school for 12 years, starting at 6 years of age. Gender roles also tend to be more traditional, and grandparents play a great role in raising their grandchildren. The culture of Ukraine has been influenced by its neighbours to the east and west, which is reflected in its architecture, music and art.

Ukraine Statistics

Population:  close to 45 million (2013)

Life Expectancy: 62 years

Literacy Rate: close to 100%

Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia

Capital City: Kiev (or Kyiv)

Time Zone: Same as Egypt, UTC/GMT +2 hours.

Independence Day from Russia: August 24, 1991

Size Comparison: Slightly larger than France

Language: Ukrainian and Russian

Known As: "Bread Basket of Europe" for its rich farm land.

Disasters: Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident in 1986




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