Community In India Proves The Power Of Unity

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity” Psalm 133:1

The village of Poovakulam in Tamil, India had no access to clean water. The small town solely relied on a rain-fed reservoir. The community came together and proved that unity and hard work lead to positive changes for the community. Prior to the work being done, the pond could provide water for only six to seven months. The community used the reservoir’s water for domestic use and attached to it a well and it was used for drinking water. The summer months were critical as there was no water in the reservoir and the villagers had to walk to far places.

In their predicament, the village approached the Chalice-Tamil project for support. The Tamil site staff conducted a feasibility study and an assessment was made in a participatory approach. The community was determined to be involved in the process and work collectively for better results. They raised close to 10% of the amount and thanks to the faithful donors from Chalice, funding was available for the community water project.

The community went above and beyond deepening the reservoir and well. They strengthened the boundary ecologically and repaired the streets and road. The community worked to increase the capacity of the reservoir and retain water in the well. Once the project was completed everyone expressed their gratitude to Chalice and the Sponsors for the support and guidance provided during the project.

Watch the video that highlights the work the community did to restore the pond and well. It’s a perfect example of how a community came together and worked hard to improve their lifestyle.

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Girls Sponsored by Chalice in Tamil Nadu, IndiaThe Chalice Sponsorship Program in Tamil Nadu is run by the Diocese of Kumbakonam. The children belong to Scheduled Caste, backward communities and Catholics. Most of the children are supported through diocese-run schools and hostels. Some are attending schools/colleges run by other reputable educational institutions. The children are provided with nutrition and health care. Water and sanitation projects are being developed in several remote villages. In order to ensure sustainable livelihood opportunities for the siblings and parents of sponsored children, market-oriented job skills are taught through the annual Skills - Chalice Program.

tamilnaduTamil Nadu is located in the southern most state of India bordering on the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Education is equally available to both genders, but it is difficult for young women to attend school, as they are often required to care for their siblings while their mother works in the fields. The low social status and consequent educational disadvantage suffered by women has a direct bearing on their own health, as well as that of their children. Malnutrition is rampant among the children, with one of every 11 children dying in the first five years of their life. To help reduce this tragic statistic, expectant mothers receive prenatal care, as well as training in nutrition, and are supplied with basic food items on a routine basis.

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The mission of the Chalice Tamil Nadu site is to educate all sponsored children; to encourage proper nutrition, health & hygiene; to render assistance to disadvantaged families and to provide adult education while promoting community development.

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Through the Chalice sponsorship programme in Tamil, children receive school fees, books, school uniforms, nutritious foods and medical attention when needed. In India, too many parents do not have access to the correct care and resources needed by their disabled children. The site also promotes family development and counselling. By including parents, the site makes sure that the sponsorship programme provides the right atmosphere for less fortunate children to grow and develop according to their potential.



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