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Sponsor a Child with Chalice in Mombasa, KenyaChalice Sponsor Site of Mombasa, KenyaThe Chalice Sponsor Site of Mombasa is situated in the slum areas on the outskirts of this coastal city. Mombasa is Kenya’s biggest port and a gateway to East & Central Africa. The slums are also home to the city’s poorest people. The population of over 300,000 people is made up of mostly impoverished families living from hand to mouth, unable to provide for their children’s basic human needs. They have migrated from rural areas seeking work at the port, oil refinery, large scale factories, and heavy industries. Poverty and disease are rampant in these very crowded slums with children being the number one victims.

The Chalice Mombasa Sponsor Site was established in 2001 and is run by Our Lady of Charity (OLC) Sisters, a Kenyan congregation. They strive to assist families that are living in extremely difficult slums of Mombasa. Their slogan, “Give portions unto whom nothing is prepared.”, is lived everyday. The parents and guardians of sponsored children meet at the Site monthly for micro-finance and financial literacy training. Adult education sessions on good hygiene practices, sanitation, nutrition, and parenting are also provided. The Site works with the parent Faith Circles to promote livelihood improvement through small business development.

Mission - Mombasa

The Chalice Sponsor Site in Mombasa, Kenya strives to assist families that are in extremely difficult situations. The area it covers includes the slums of Kalahari, Dunga Unuse, Kipevu, Mworoto and Bangladesh. The focus is on orphans, vulnerable children, widows, single parent families and those that have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The centre includes a computer training school, a primary school, a health clinic and a feeding program. Parents and guardians of the sponsored children meet at the center for various activities.

Sponsorship in Mombasa

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Mombasa, Kenya provides sponsorship benefits directly to the mother or primary guardian of each sponsored child through Direct Family Funding (DFF). Every three months, social workers meet with the parents/guardians to help plan family expenses and ensure the child is receiving good care and attending school. The Site works with schools to improve their learning environment and ensure proper nutrition.



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When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ... educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.

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