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Fatima Sponsor Site is located in Cochabamba city (the 4th largest city in Bolivia), District Nine, which is the biggest, most populated, poorest, and most violent district in this city. Most families are unemployed and there is a high incidence of domestic violence. The children either go to the streets to work or are locked in their houses to look after younger siblings. It is very important to note that this region has the highest infant mortality in Bolivia; 90/1000 children die within their first year.

Chalice works through Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Cochabamba, and focuses on a better quality of life for children and their families. The Sponsor Site works closely with Bolivian families to alleviate conditions of extreme poverty by providing support in areas such as education, health and nutrition. They have four locations where they provide school support, a soup kitchen, and community service. The Site has a team composed of professional staff dedicated to socio-pastoral work and are committed to sponsored children and their families. They help the children develop and grow as good human beings, to make friends, be responsible for their own personal development, do their best in school, and improve their health, both physically and spiritually.

Mission - Fatima

The mission of the Chalice Fatima Sponsor Site is to generate permanent actions to define service for the poorest people of the parish and its surroundings through support, formation and research; and to transform the current reality of parish jurisdiction so that people, families and community are integrated and unified to become agents of change in a new society.

Sponsorship in Fatima

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Fatima continuously defines actions to unite families with their community through activities such as community work, participation in educational workshops, and school breakfasts.



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