The Impact of our Volunteers in Bolivia:

Children and Elders Sponsored: 23

Our volunteers secured 23 sponsorships of children and elderly - a gift of life and love for those sponsored and their families!

Donation Funds Raised: $18,548

Our volunteers raised $18,548 for Fátima Site.  These funds will go towards dental services for children and elders, the construction of a playground for children, and support for an entrepreneuship program for women in the community.

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Our team served alongside the community of Cochabamba (where Fátima Site is located). We spent time with and heard the stories of individuals, families, family circles, and the wider community through the following activities:
  • 33 home visits
  • Gathered with elders in prayer, song, and games
  • Learned from family circles and answered their questions
  • Learned from an entrepreneurship group
  • Gathered with families at the daycare on our final Community Celebration Day
  • Worked alongside site staff and university students (our translators)
  • Led activities with the children (hand hygiene, song, crafts)
  • Hosted the elders and served lunch
  • Painted mural on the front wall of the daycare that extends a whole block
  • Cleared the soccer field of debris and painted the nets and wall by the field
  • Cleaned and repaired desks and chairs
  • Painted a classroom at the daycare
  • Offered chiropractor services at K'asa Wasa with the elders
  • Collected and brought donations from Canada (25+ suitcases full)

Dental Clinic and Oral Hygiene Instruction

Our Canadian dental team worked alongside a Bolivian dental team in three clinic locations. We also offered oral hygiene instruction in five locations, including a daycare and high school. The dental services offered included:
  • 239 oral exams
  • 87 cleanings
  • 135 fluoride treatments
  • 345 sealants
  • 149 extractions
  • 84 fillings
  • 25 prescriptions
Estimated total value of dental services: $52,315 CAD

Stories of Hope!

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