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A Chalice sponsored child in Amanecer, BoliviaCochabamba is the 4th largest city in Bolivia. One of the biggest concerns is the lack of support towards children and teenagers who are currently on the streets. The needs of this population are not being met by any institution. This situation is particularly disturbing as the dignity and rights of these young people are continuously ignored because of the regular abuse and hostility they suffer on the streets.

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Amanecer (Spanish for “daybreak”) is dedicated to supporting children, adolescents, women and babies, who have been mistreated, abandoned, and live on the streets. Chalice sponsored children of the Site live in eight different houses within the city of Cochabamba. They are divided according to age and gender. Amanecer strives to reintegrate these children with their families and the community by providing various programmes based on preventive intervention, education, and therapeutic support. The Site organizes many activities and workshops to address the needs of the individual participants to help them to discover and strengthen their practical and social skills. Priority is given to schooling, nutrition, and health needs of the children. The Site believes fulfilling these basic needs creates a crucial safe environment. They also believe that education brings about real and beneficial change to people's lives, in particular the children, giving them the tools to build their own future.

Mission - Amanecer

Amanecer Foundation is a non-profit Catholic institution that offers the chance of achieving a dignified life-awakening and the development of values and capacities, personal realization and integration into society of infants, children, adolescents and young women living in the streets and/or at social risk, based on the formation of human and Christian values through preventative, educational and therapeutic intervention programs (from a systemic approach) reconciling public and private institutional policies involved in working with this population, with highly committed and suitable staff training and constant updating.

Sponsorship in Amanecer

The Chalice Sponsorship Program promotes physical, intellectual, and social development of children and families, with the long-term goal of reintegration into society with increased self-respect, as well as, the skills and abilities to economically maintain themselves.



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